"IF you have a Body.

You are an Athlete"

-Bill Bowerman


Antonio Fitness is built on the simple concepts that if you are dedicated to your craft, maintain consistency and work efficiently, anything can be accomplished.  The soul of an athlete exists in everyone, regardless of current fitness level.  The mission of Antonio Fitness is to awaken and empower the inner athlete in each client to reach a level of fitness like never before through unique and fundamental training concepts of sports performance and proper movement patterns.  With positive reinforcement and customized lifestyle coaching, Antonio's methods will help you improve body composition, enhance strength and increase your flexibility.

Antonio's unique approach is geared towards maximizing your time and schedule; training should not be an added stressor to your daily life.  Our training sessions are about you, your time and your goals.  The fitness professional has evolved and the days of simply counting reps and sets are over.  Train with a purpose and train smart. 

Antonio's individually tailored programs educate and provide fitness awareness through research, education and practical application.  An all encompassing approach implementing the  highest quality personal training, nutritional suggestions and cutting edge recovery methods will allow you to feel younger, and go beyond the imaginable thoughts of what is possible. 



"He who has health, has hope;

and he who has hope, has everything."

~ Thomas Carlyle 



Mobile Training

Time is the most valuable non-renewable commodity.  Whether you are an entertainer, athlete, a corporate executive or stay-at-home parent, your time is of great value.  Antonio specializes in time management and efficiency by providing a full in home and mobile personal training experience.  Antonio's mobile program includes training, travel accompany, nutritional suggestions, meal preparation and manual stretch therapy. Eliminate any doubt and set backs in your fitness and wellness goals to live a healthier lifestyle allowing you to do what you do best, better!  



You have dialed in the training and that’s great! But how is your nutritional diet and approach keeping up with your lifestyle?  Are you making the right decisions and food choices or is this an area that is causing stress and not allowing you to fully see the benefits of your hard work?  A healthier lifestyle can be achieved through improving gut health, stress management and proper hormone optimization.  Antonio specializes in nutritional suggestions through micronutrient and phytonutrient supplementation for optimal health.




Recovery is an essential aspect for optimal health.  In order to optimize the training and benefits of proper nutrition, your body, mind and soul need to recover to maintain a high level of functionality and progress.  Antonio's RECVR ® program is designed to bring the recovery process to you with a unique combination of compression flushing and manual fascial stretch therapy.  The Norma Tec Pulse system uses compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and offers speed recovery.  Fascial stretching is a non-invasive manual stretch session proven by science and research to help improve flexibility and speed up recovery.   

"The act itself becomes the destination.

 It's not just that there is no finish line; 

it's that you define the finish line"

-Phil Knight



According to Antonio, being an athlete doesn't stop once the game is over; it is a lifestyle built upon hard work, dedication and determination. Everyday is game day and every individual has the ability to train for life with the same dedication and hard work that it takes to get ready for your game day.

Antonio was a member of the Boston College Football team as a defensive back with the most winning team in BC history under coach Tom O’Brien. After graduation, he pursued working out with several NFL teams, and  The Arena Football League experiencing the best sports performance facilities, strength coaches and athletes in the country.  It was these experiences which he credits his passion, knowledge and expertise. Antonio’s professional training experiences has evolved him into one of the finest personal strength and conditioning coaches in the country. He knows what it takes, what hard work feels like, and how to get professional athlete-esque results. 

Everyone is an athlete, whether competing on the field, in the office, or at home; every individual has the ability to push beyond their personal expectations.  Growth occurs when we step out of our comfort zone.  With performance training, optimal nutrition, and proper recovery, Antonio can help any individual achieve above and beyond their desired goals.


"My life's mission is to help others and my passion is to

 help you do what you do best, better!"



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